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Tutorial Theory (for excel)

  • Let’s say we have following words
  • Excel doesn’t know space
  • So when using concatenate feature of wordpress you have tell excel to use space after words. Which can be done by typing ” “.
  • So, for the above problem, ABCDEFGHI.. we can use A,” “,B,” “,C,” “.
  • Now we can also write the above sentence as, “Business” (make sure you have quotation mark wrapped around the word) , (comma to seprate the “business” from ” ” (space))
  • Once again in excel you have Business name, address, phone number, city, website..
  • We want all together joined in one column
  • So that it looks like, Business, address, phone number (Business, space, address, space, phone number, space, website)
  • excel doesn know space, or where to use space.
  • So in excel file under temp (this is the new column we made, please see video) we’ll write, “Business”, A2,” “,”Postal Code”,” “,B3,” “, … so on…
  • For more info on concatenate feature you can visit
  • Watch following videos, and if you don’t understand contact me or add me on skype vshrivas420 when addding me on skype please use your paypal id as message you used to pay for the product

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